A sinking country without heads and goals

History knows many states that have perished and disappeared from the map. There are different reasons for this. But it should be unique for a country to erase itself from the face of the earth with a quasi-religious attitude of responsibility for all suffering in the world and the rescue from climate death and the creation of a new human being.

USA, Russia, Ukraine and the cry for negotiations

Where is the call, indeed the cry of our politicians, for a negotiated solution? What is there for Germany, Europe and the world other than the call for negotiations? Politicians have to look for viable ways and, if necessary, swim against the tide that leads into the unknown? German politicians certainly have a mandate for this, which can be found in our history for everyone to see!

anger in the stomach

The lawyers have not shown the red card to the dismantling of fundamental rights, the doctors have nodded their heads and collected the vaccination premiums, the media have proven themselves worthy of their official position and provided the best explanation of stupidity, the politicians are modeling clay of their own Continue reading…