Vaccination madness grips the children

The vaccination strategy pursued by the government for children and adolescents and patronizing the parents is part of the green-left efforts to dissolve the family in its previous function and task and to take care of the children out of the hands of the parents (marriage for all / Gender program / minority policy).

To the unvaccinated

Don't be intimidated. You show resilience, integrity, and determination. You will gather in your communities, make plans to help one another, and advocate the scientific accountability and freedom of expression that are essential for society to flourish.

Desiderius Erasmus Foundation

We are not the AfD, but of course we are close to it out of conviction. And as a non-party, I publicly support my voting for the AfD, because it stands and acts on the basis of the Basic Law. Otherwise I would not vote for them and also not head this foundation. The AfD is suing the current measures of the protection of the constitution for good reason. The way it is professionally assessed, the federal government will succumb after years of processes. And that's good!

Division and solidarity in Germany

Are the people silent? It seems that there is no powerful opposition to this unspeakable policy of error. But only if you believe, like the rulers big and small, that all imaginable ideas must become reality in their own lifetime, will think that way. There are underground developments in society that are short, but mostly of long duration. Big changes require a longer period of growth.

Women in men's sports and others

It would be naive to assume a coincidence in the penetration of women into a male domain - especially during a European championship. No - it's a political re-education project. We should get used to the fact that women are men and men are women. Everything is possible and no gender is specific. Either gender can do everything as good or bad as the other.

GDR saddle pad liquidates GG democracy

The united Merkel parties know no circumstances, no starting point, no foundations and no stocks that need to be preserved and secured. Only good intentions, wishes and dreams point the way to an enviable future that coincides with all people and nations and with natural and biological realities. Once again, utopia celebrates its resurrection from the ruins and anyone who opposes it sinks soundlessly into the orcus.