Trump - a great president

The Battle of the Gates and the Amazons - the billionaires' empire - and their global networks have managed, after endless and unsuccessful attempts in the presidential election, to achieve a new majority for a willing President Biden.

Symptoms of a totalitarian transformation

For Merkel, Corona is truly the culmination of her destruction of Germany when, like a potentate, she breaks laws as usual without any parliamentary ties and without any viable concept and only decrees and dictates. Any criticism will be spilled or defamed with the check. Parliament is silent and only the AfD shows what the opposition should look like. Michel and Michela admire the authoritarian-totalitarian rule as always.

Spahn and / or Spam

Occasionally I get the thought that our country has not been doing so well lately because our politicians are so psychologically healthy and unspent. Of course, I understand that these thoughts are incorrect and maybe not healthy either.

Green production network in Germany

Now the time has come that finally makes the big green leap possible. Everything is down, everything is sold, no land in sight, no-future on every corner. Such a desolate state can only counteract a force beyond the trivial reality - a force with wit and noble mind and green behind the ears.

Meuthen and the community of values

Doesn't Mr. Meuthen see where his language of values ​​is leading? Straight into the ghost cave of the CDU club of the incorrigible. One must not simply take over the terms of the opponent if one does not want to be an imitator, if one first wants to bring the lost cart onto an alternative course.

Universities in 1933 and today

When the university is no longer a place of open discussion and intellectual freedom, when other opinions and views are not refuted but condemned, when the university becomes an institution of conformity and is more committed to government politics than to conversation and exchange, then it will it is sterile and unproductive and has become a branch of ruling politics and ultimately gives up its right to exist as a refuge of freedom and thought.